Recycling with Papa Dill

About the Prints ~

Each print is made by hand and is unique.   I carve the image in linoleum, then impress the inked carving onto the paper using the back of a wooden spoon.   I use a variety of collage paper and apply a fixative to help prevent fading.   If a print is requested, it is created from the original linoleum block.   Depending on the paper used in the printing process, the new print will vary in color or texture from the image seen on the Prints Gallery pages.   It may also differ from any other printing of that same image.

Cards and Posters

Many of the images seen on my web site are digitally reproduced as 5" x 7" Note Cards.   Some of my images are available as Posters in two sizes.

To purchase prints, posters and/or cards, to leave a comment or ask a question go to the Contact page.

Something about Mimi

I live in Olympia, WA , and teach third grade which is very cool.   Life is still unfolding for the children and I get to witness that each day.   I work in a studio that has a view of a Northwest woods filled with birds.   My family loves my art, but is fearful that their stories could possibly become a linoleum block print!